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Chaise Adirondack : Prenez la vie du bon côté
Chaise Adirondack
Adirondack Chair : Made in Canada since 1955
Comfortably sat in the bottom of my chair Adirondack, I savoured the calmness of this quiet and calm instant which
nothing seemed to be able to fluster. It was one evening of October, the orangy softness of the Indian summer of which
invited to calmness and to relaxation. Some swallows twirled, wondering if it was necessary to stay still or to think of preparing
big migration. A soft gentle wind wrinkled the surface of the lake and murmured me the lapping of wavelets, as a secret not to be
disclosed, while clouds drew strange faces. Which good idea that to have installed this Adirondack chair in red cedar by the lake...
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You will find a selection of upscale Adirondack chairs, wooden red cedar or recycled plastic resin tinted. Our products are made to last and we're sure you'll enjoy them, we guarantee it!


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If for some reason you would be unsatisfied we will reimburse you within 10 days the full amount of your order (and the costs of return transportation), you have absolutely nothing to lose. In addition we offer a 10 year warranty on our Red Cedar Adirondack chairs and accessories.


All our wood products are manufactured and assembled in Canada. Western Red Cedar is originally from Vancouver Island, FSC. Wooden planks are selected without knots, the chairs are pre-assembled at 80%, and easy to assemble.

Royal Adirondack chair
L'affaire du mois
Royal Adirondack chair


This Royal Adirondack Chair is made of full 25 mm thick Clear no knots Western Red Cedar. It is uniquely designed to be sturdy when locked upright yet folds for easy moving and storage. Size of the chair : High : 950 mm Lenght: 900 mm Large: 615 mm Back : 840 x 550 mm Seating : 565 x 500 mm Size of package : 890 x 580 x 290 Weight 15 kgs Many People refer to Adirondack Chairs in other terms such as a Cape Cod Chair, a Muskoka Chair, a Hampton Chair, a Lawn Chair, a Laurentian Chair or even a Patio Chair. Make no mistake as most of these terms refer to the same style of chair. There are many companies that try to make cheap imitation lawn chairs or Adirondak chairs, usually made in Asia, and export them here. We are the only manufacturer of High Quality Adirondack Furniture to not only guarantee all our products for 10 years but we also guarantee your satisfaction, or your full money back. No questions asked! No Special conditions


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Royal Adirondack chair
Pair of Royal Adirondack Chairs
Coffee table
Royal Adirondack chair, Made in Red Cedar : Adirondack Chairs, in red cedar, Made with Red Cedar, Red Cedar from Canada
Pair of Royal Adirondack Chairs , Special price  : Adirondack Chairs, in red cedar, Chairs and patio set, Save with our quantity discounted prices
Coffee table , In Western Red Cedar : Adirondack Chairs, in red cedar, Made with Red Cedar, Red Cedar from Canada
Made in Red Cedar
This Royal Adirondack Chair is made of full 25 mm thick Clea...
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Special price
These 2 Royal Adirondack Chairs are made of full 1” thick Cl...
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In Western Red Cedar
This beautiful 24 Round End Table is made of clear no knots ...
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 : Online sale of Adirondack chairs and tables matched, fabricated in Canada and imported directly from the producer. Our chairs are guaranteed 10 years on all pieces (see modalities here), furthermore we guarantee you a full contentment and we promise to reimburse you otherwise. Adirondack Chair : look on the bright side !